Live Vividly: #1 Issue

LIVE VividlyArticles and Pictures Finished By July 31st8-18 Blogs1-2 Pages Each 165 Days 06 Hours 15 Minutes 42 Seconds FINISH THOSE BLOGS!!! Kickstarter Up September 1st 2018 197 Days 06 Hours 15 Minutes 42 Seconds Kickstarter Up!!!! #1 IssueWriting Topics​​​​​​Ashleigh:Travel – HawaiiHealth – True HealthLifestyle – NomadicExercise – Home/ TravelRelationships – Stay Connected​Leanne:Autoimmunity – Stress/SymptomsEssential Oils… Read More Live Vividly: #1 Issue


MKMMA Week 14: Cool Runnings

*PERSISTENCE to achieve your* dreams DMP: Be the first Jamaican bobsledding team and compete in the olympicsPOA: Through persistent action, practice, and magnified focus on their burning desire, they made it to their purpose.PMA: No matter how many other teams jerred, mocked, and laughed at the thought of a Jamaican bobsledding team, they kept up their… Read More MKMMA Week 14: Cool Runnings


Tuna Stuffed Avocados

I was working at the chiropractic when a patient started talking about tuna, they had gone fishing recently and had caught a tuna. of course this was right around lunchtime so I was starving! I was coming up with different recipes in my head that i could make when it hit me “Tuna Stuffed Avocados!… Read More Tuna Stuffed Avocados


The Latest Celiac Attack

From 100-to-0 in 10 minutes…October 20th I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend who was “officially” meeting my family. We have been friends for a while and this was the first time they were getting to know him as more. Everyone always fears the whole “meeting the parents” dealio, and this was worse than… Read More The Latest Celiac Attack