MKMMA Week 14: Cool Runnings

*PERSISTENCE to achieve your* dreams 

DMP: Be the first Jamaican bobsledding team and compete in the olympics

POA: Through persistent action, practice, and magnified focus on their burning desire, they made it to their purpose.

PMA: No matter how many other teams jerred, mocked, and laughed at the thought of a Jamaican bobsledding team, they kept up their enthusiasm, love and belief in themselves, never ceasing to find the good in a situation.

MMA: When one of the teammates were struggling the others were there to help them up, motivate them, and push them toward their future self both mental, personally, and physically.

Derice's goal was to make it to the olympics as a track runner, but due to being tripped up accidentally in the qualifying run he was unable to complete his goal and would have to wait another four years before her could try again.

He begged for them to do a re-run, but was refused. He then found out about bobsledding and how his dad's friend tried to convince him to compete in it because he thought that track runners would make the best bobsled team. His dad had refused, and Derice decided that if he wasn't going to be in the olympics as a track runner, he would go to the olympics as a bobsled runner. 

He tracked down his friend Sanka, who was the best push kart driver in Jamaica, after convincing him to join together they tracked down Irv, who had given up on his dreams due to past mistakes and lost all desire to follow his dreams and lead a bobsledding team. 

When he heard that they wanted him to help them he laughed at them and told them to get out of his life. 

But Derice and Sanka's desire pushed them to persist and followed Irv around until he finally caved, he saw where he used to be and his old blueprint is telling him that the only thing that lies ahead of him is failure, but he pushes that aside to help them reach their goals, even though he thinks it's a far fetched idea.

The boys can only feel enthusiasm toward what they are doing adding to their already burning desire. 

Irv shows them all of the failure that can happen, hoping to deter them from continuing forward, but they don't care for the failure.

After finding two more teammates there is a course of disharmony between Brenner and Junior due to three of them having almost made it to the olympics and failing to make it due to Junior falling, tripping the other two. Later in the movie the two find the ability to forgive and become as close as can be.

They learn how to open their mind to new things by learning how to bobsled.

The fear and pressure of pleasing his parents Junior doesn't tell his parents what he is doing, knowing they wouldn't allow him to continue if he told them. 

In order to learn how to sled they had to try and try again, no matter how many times they failed and tipped over. They persisted through until they understood how to, going through all and any exercise they had to in order to prepare and support their future selves.

though they weren't able to receive the money they needed to get to the olympics they tried all avenues to raise money. They put up a kissing booth they arm wrestled for money, they sang on the streets, though that wasn't enough to make anywhere near what they needed, junior sold him car in order to pay for what he wanted to do

When they arrived at the olympic tryouts they faced many obstacles that were presented to challenge them and push them past their limits, furthuring them in their growth as a person and team.

Never losing their enthusiasm.

The teams made fun of them and tried to dampen their spirits because they were different and "People don't like different."

"My father grew up in a one room hut and now he lives in one of the biggest houses in Kingston."

"He ain't your father."

"He doesn't need to be. As long as he knows what he wants he'll make it."

Junior's dad hears about what he his doing and demands he returns home, Junior is about to give up because he is fed up with everyone making fun of him or not believing in him. Brenner takes him to the mirror and makes him see how amazing he is, telling him with ENTHUSIASM that he is a "One bad mother who don't take nothing from no one."

Derice watches the Swiss prep for their time trials and invisions him and his team as the swiss, being the best and fastest team there. When he prepares the team to go for their trials he looks over at the Swiss for motivation and reminding of where he wants to be.

During the olympics he keeps looking toward the Swiss, but Sanka reminds him that he isn't the Swiss he is Jamaica, if they are to succeed they can't copy the swiss, they have to live breathe, and be jamaica. 

Even at the end when their bobsled fell apart and they crashed they got back up and carried their bobsled across the finish line, completing their goal of competing in the Olympics.

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