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Jan 26

Live Vividly: #1 Issue

By Ashleigh Overlander | Live Vividly

LIVE VividlyArticles and Pictures Finished By July 31st8-18 Blogs1-2 Pages Each 165 Days 06 Hours 15 Minutes 42 Seconds FINISH THOSE BLOGS!!! Kickstarter Up September 1st 2018 197 Days 06 Hours 15 Minutes 42 Seconds Kickstarter Up!!!! #1 IssueWriting Topics​​​​​​Ashleigh:Travel – HawaiiHealth – True HealthLifestyle – NomadicExercise – Home/ TravelRelationships – Stay Connected​Leanne:Autoimmunity – Stress/SymptomsEssential Oils […]

Jan 26

Fear Is The Emotion That Blinds Us (MKE 17-18)

By Ashleigh Overlander | MasterKeys

Fear is the Emotion that makes us blind – Stephen King”Fear is an adaptive behavior that we have to help identify threats. It is an ability that has allowed us as humans to survive predators and natural disasters”. – Nadia Kounang, CNNFear can be rather scary sometimes, but only if you let it.We are born […]