MKMMA Week 12: Galway Girl

Living In Abundance  

There were sobs and red splotchy spots all over my face, but my heart and soul were soaring through the sky, I was there, I could smell it the fresh coffee from my cup as I coach women's wellness with my client in Florence Italy, taste the fresh, organic food from the Italian farmer's market a miles walk from my Vintage style apartment, I could feel my heart beat with joy and wonder as I journey through my 6 month backpacking tour in 2019, I could hear the chatter of the Italian language after I lead Holy Yoga  session at Radici Yoga  in Florence.

My mind and soul were there, I was no longer sitting on my bed in cold Minnesota, I was a successful and nationally known, entrepreneur, health coach and writer living in Florence Italy. I became best friends with my future self. In that moment I had finally truly made that intimate relationship I had been struggling with for so long.

This week during my sit's I have been incorporating the Battleship exercise from week 8 and living in abundance from this week. I have been taking my DMP and going from When I have achieved everything and going back from there making sure that throughout each step I have love and abundance, but not putting a limit to what I can achieve.

Not only has this helped my clarify each step that I am taking, but it is has helped me ensure that it is really happening and everything is working itself out as I go. By doing this when I think about my sentence, or my movie trailer, and especially my full DMP I can feel all the emotions, I can see everything as it happens, and it isn't a struggle to see it anymore. 

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Rivoire Coffee Shop

Florence Italy

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