Monthly Archives: December 2017

Dec 29

MKMMA Week 13: Crazy Days

By Ashleigh Overlander | MasterKeys

Life Goes fast when your going crazyThis last week has been so much fun, but really interesting. We had our holiday recital for dance, our nutcracker ended up bailing out last minute so one of my friends and I had to take turns being the nutcracker for each show. From there it seemed like the […]

Dec 13

MKMMA Week 12: Galway Girl

By Ashleigh Overlander | MasterKeys

Living In Abundance  There were sobs and red splotchy spots all over my face, but my heart and soul were soaring through the sky, I was there, I could smell it the fresh coffee from my cup as I coach women’s wellness with my client in Florence Italy, taste the fresh, organic food from the […]