MKMMA Week 9: The Rose Of Your Life

Life is like a rose bush, there is beauty when you tend to it; when you prune it, water it, and keep it in the sun it will flourish and be fragrant and full. Yes, there are thorns, but if you let that stop you from taking care of it, the bush will shrivel up and die, the beauty will be less than its true potential. This is much like our lives when we refuse to see the presence of the Truth, we create a life in disharmony.

Life with the acknowledgment of the Universal presence is one of peace, happiness, and fulfillment of your true desires. We can see the thorns on the stems, but on top is a beautiful flower. . The Thorns are the challenges in our lives and the flower is God's presence in our lives.When we are amidst all of our struggles in life and get a glimpse of the flower we forget all about the pain of  the thorns.There are roses, yes, and lots of thorns. However, by focusing on thinking correctly and being in the presence of the universal mind, the more we can find the Truth, and live in harmony with the infinite and omnipresent power. The difficulty melts away and we are filled with peace and understanding that what is about to happen is due to our thoughts.

The Law of Growth

9.26  It used to be said that man is completely rebuilt every 7 years, but some scientists now declare that we build ourselves over entirely every 11 months; so we are really only 11 months old. if we build the defects back into our bodies year after year, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

I was sitting on my bed this morning reading this paragraph and it got me thinking. "If today was the first day of my eleven months, what would I change?" I took a few minutes to go over the last year of my life. What have I done, what should I have done differently?  Today I was making 

French Silk pie with my dad and we thought we were so smart for doubling the recipe. We would have enough for the pie and enough for mousse cups. We finished making the filling and I poured it all into one pie tin....and that's when we noticed that next to the recipe my mom had written (Double for one pie),  after seeing this my dad and I just kinda laughed at the irony of the situation. We thought we were being smart by doubling it, but because we hadn't read the note (because we both saw it, but being reds we didn't see the point in reading it) we ended up not having enough for what we planned. If there was anything I would work on it's being more observant. I've gotten much better since the course started, but sometimes when I get blinded by the fun of a situation I tend to miss the big letter written over a situation until everything has passed. 

The start of my eleven months will be focused on rewriting my ability to observe, being aware while I make choices. Subby doesn't have a choice, I am a better observer. I will respond to situations as the me in my DMP would respond, creating a different stimulus for myself.

As 7.4 points out work will be necessary, lots of mental exercising which is the only way for the mind to renew itself. 7.5  Idealization-  I am becoming an observer through the exercises and through loving others with my whole heart. I see myself achieving this, every detail and line can be seen.I am BREAKING THE ADDICTION of living if a fast paced, blurry pictured life. 


"and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” – Matthew 20:25

You need a new iPhone, you want to be the star player on the basketball team, you need to get an A in Math this year, you really don’t like your brother, your coach yells too much, the list goes on.When you focus mostly on yourself – what you want/need, the problems you face – you become self-absorbed.Humility is often greatly misunderstood.  At best, a humble person is seen as someone who is quiet, hiding in the background while avoiding attention.At worst, humility can been seen as a weakness.


  •  Not proud or arrogant: modest
  • Having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience, etc.:
  • Low in rank, importance, status, quality, etc.; lowly

What is True Humility?
In the story of The Humble Servant, Jesus is the son of God, yet he was born to a carpenter and a virgin mother. He could have been born to a king, or a pharaoh, but that would have made his words less meaningful and few people would be able to relate to him. though he was born as a "peasant" Jesus never stopped being the Ruler of all the universe.  He never stopped being King.

So what is He saying?  Jesus did not come to be treated like an idol, a revered hero that sits around letting people serve Him. He came as a servant, someone so humble that He put other people’s needs before His own. He gave His life so that we could 

live.That is true humility. Even though He knew that he was and is our Lord. He came to serve. He washed His disciples’ feet.  He gave up comfort for hardship so that we could have eternal life.He tended to the needs of others long after He had reached the point of exhaustion.  He was both King and Servant.

In order to manifest our desires, we must do just as he did. To live with Health, Wealth, and Love we must give in order to receive.It means we think of what other people around us need and want. Jesus told us to wash each other’s feet just like He washed ours.

It's a choice to manifest our dreams. We know how to do it, just go and DO IT NOW!!

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