MKMMA Week 7: To Make Visible

Idealization and Visualization

Visualization, star athletes use this to improve and boost confidence and strength. Jack Nicklaus, a golfer who was regarded as the greatest golfer, practiced each shot in his mind before taking it. It is the mold that makes patterns in the pathways of the brain that control the physical parts of life. To make the best mold we have to have a clear and accurate image by focusing on the details that make it beautiful and grand, not allowing our doubts, fears, worries, or limitations stop it from becoming exactly as our heart desires. 

When I get frustrated with things in life i use the law of substitution and focus on the image of me living in my apartment in Florence Italy with my coffee in hand, looking out at the st. maria's cathedrale. I see the details of the clouds, the sky, the birds, I hear the chatter of people and the beautiful music of street musicians. It not only centers my thoughts again, but it also becomes clearer every time I think about it. 

Visualization Requires All 7 Laws Of The Mind...

Knowledge doesn't bring about results, it requires action on that knowledge to create results. Knowing that we must visualize and actually putting that knowledge in action are two very different things.  In order to visualize we have to use all 7 laws of the mind. 

  • The Law of Substitution keeps our mind focused on the good, beautiful, joyous, and creative. This allows us to dig deeper into the details of what we are visualizing  and remove all possible defects.
  •  The Law of Relaxation being the doorway to progress allows us to get in touch with the infinite intelligence which brings forth the feelings, taste, textures, and true desire of the image we create. 
  • The Law of Practice through repetition of visualizing we strengthen our ability to see the image, to find it in everything around us, to manifest it when it has been perfected.
  • The Law of Forgiveness removes the negative thoughts, feelings and situations that will set us back from achieving our visulaized image.
  • The Law of Dual Thought when we attach the feelings of excitement, joy, delight, etc, we get out peptides to crave those feelings which will motivate us to visualize more and more, and find time in our daily life to create more detail to the image, which will make the manifestation much easier.
  • The Law of Subconscious when the image we are creating becomes our burning desire our subby has no choice but to take action in creating it exactly as it has seen, it's simply a small child trying to please a beloved parent.
  • The Law of Growth whatever we think of grows, if we think about that image constantly throughout the day it will grow and grow until it is not only a burning desire but it is you reality.

With all of these in practice and action we are putting our 5 million brain cells and billions throughout the body into action, attracting substances that they require in order to create the perfect development. 

Law of Attraction 

When we visualize our desire we have to think in ideals, with beauty in the world within we will have beauty in reality. If we think of negatives in our desire we will glue those negatives in place, and then we will have to work harder to remove them and attach positives. When we think of beautiful things and feelings that are full and exciting we will be able to focus on more of the image .

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