The Latest Celiac Attack

By Ashleigh Overlander | Health

Nov 02

From 100-to-0 in 10 minutes...

October 20th I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend who was "officially" meeting my family. We have been friends for a while and this was the first time they were getting to know him as more. Everyone always fears the whole "meeting the parents" dealio, and this was worse than i imagined, in a completely different kind of way.

Before we met up with my parents we hung out for a bit, grabbed a cup of coffee (because coffee is my #1 food group) and coffee always makes me go nuts, I get crazy and can talk your ear off a mile a minute. On our way to the restaurant, which was about an hour away, we passed at least 50 goats, and if you know one thing about me it's that I am OBSESSED with goats, so naturally I was 10x more nuts when I saw them. I'm surprised my boyfriend didn't run for the hills. 

When we got to the restaurant we found my siblings and they immediately knew that I had coffee and they were trying to  act like they didn't know me, the wait staff was probably thoroughly enjoying my craziness. We were finally seated when my parents arrived and we looked at our menus for what was 1) celiac safe 2) dairy free 3) delicious, and my eyes landed on their Italian Pizza with peppers, sausage, and onions. When we ordered I specifically remember saying "I'd like a gluten free crust, please!" and I saw the lady write it down. 

When she left all I could think about was Italy, and how amazing all the food was going to be. When the food arrived it came in waves, mine and my boyfriends came first and we dug in, at first I was kind of disappointed, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be. It had a weird sour tang to it and it had a weird gooey consistency. At first I wasn't sure why, but my energy was dying down and my legs were going numb which was really weird, I couldn't figure out why it was happening, and when my families pizza's arrived we realized why...

They had given me a gluten pizza....

I had eaten probably about 5 out of 7 slices (it was a small pizza about an 8") by the time they had gotten the rest of the food out, so I had an extensive amount of gluten, the last time had had that large of an amount of gluten was before I knew I had Celiac about 4-5 years ago. By the time the waitress came out to check on us I could hardly move my body I was numb, my energy was gone, and my muscles were losing function. AND IT HAD ONLY BEEN 10 MINUTES!!! The first thing the lady asked was whether I was okay, I think the sight of the bouncy, bubbly girl being so dead to the world was quite a shocker.

I ended up leaving before everyone was finished, and my boyfriend who had never encountered someone with a celiac attack before was possibly the sweetest person ever, he basically carried me everywhere and got me advil, which I honestly do not believe in taking for loads of reasons, but in that moment it was a take it or suffer kind of thing. I explained to him what would happen to me and what would happen and how long it would last.

It's been almost 2 weeks since the  celiac attack started and my energy has slowly started coming back, though I now feel like I have a severe cold, slight fever, loss of appetite, constantly cold, and dizzy. 

Hopefully soon these symptoms will be over and I can start healing!


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