MKMMA Week 3- Shine Like A Diamond

God created man in his own image, and he saw that it was good- genesis 1:27

Find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy, palms rise to the universe. So shine bright tonight

     On Sunday morning my pastor talked about John 7:37-44 & 8:12-18, where Jesus says "I AM the light." and in part three of the Master Keys, Haanel says "All we have to do is let our light shine...."   This backs up the idea that we are one with the Universe, for Jesus is the Son of God and God created all things which includes the Universe. In order for us to live in harmony and fulfillment we must get in touch with our spiritual side and act as Jesus would, follow Gods word and understand the we have been created in the image of God giving us the capability of creating anything that we desire by sending thoughts and images to our Subby (the solar plexus which as Haanel says "is the where the universe becomes individualized) and following through with the actions and opportunities presented to us to manifest our desires into reality.

I have been focusing on  my DMP (obviously since I read it 3x a day) and I have been seeing opportunity after opportunity to develop my health coaching career, and signs of Italy ALL OVER THE PLACE. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about how I am going to be moving to Florence Italy and I will be living so close to The Cattedrale di Santa Maria that I can see it outside of my apartment window, and for the rest of the day I saw advertisements for Tours of Florence, pictures of the Cathedral, and a notification popped up on my phone telling me that a year ago i had added a picture of the exact apartment i would be living in and showed me them! This was just proof that "the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality! (Thank you Blueprint Builder)

The only thing that could possibly stop me from acquiring my purpose and dreams is the fear of failing, or even the fear of success and then unknown. From here on out I destroy fear from my life, and replace it with thoughts of courage, confidence, power, for I realize that the conscious power of thought will open up the clouds of fear and present to me my true birthright!

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