MKMMA Week 2- My Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

James Pawelski 

Happiness leads to conditions that tend to bring more happiness. The more we flourish, the more we are likely to flourish.

This week my intention is to focus on my conscious thoughts, and persistently block myself from taking in the negative and to transmute my emotions into dreams of constructive nature, Using what I learned from my past as a way to lead life in a new way.

When I was in high school, from ages 13 to 16 I had a lot less confidence and I hid my true self in order to fit in with everyone else. Over time I developed a sense of style, thought process, mental state, and a way of physically carrying myself that wasn't anything like the person I was inside. Because I hid who I was, I was never truly happy and it started taking a toll on me in 9th grade where I developed anxiety, depression, and body image issues. 

When I was 16 I realized how far off my path I had traveled and I did everything I could to start my way back. I changed my way of thinking and started to dress the way I wanted to, my mental state grew to be an amazing source of happiness, and I carried myself with more confidence.

In the last week I have thought of how I can strengthen myself to be happy more consistently, When I read Haanel's book I saw ways that I could manipulate my conscious thoughts in a way  that benefits me towards what I am to accomplish. By attaching the feeling of power, happiness and gratitude to all my thoughts, I saw small things change in my life that I wouldn't have noticed, or wouldn't have happened had I not chosen to do these things.

As Hanel said in part two of the Master Keys,  "The conscious mind can suggest either truth or error." With the conscious mind as the protector of our subby, we must be the protectors of our conscious mind by being intentional about what we think, how we think it, and why we think it. 

My chore for the week was to cleaning my room, which I used to dread doing because I thought it was tedious and unnecessary, but by attaching the feeling of excitement and accomplishment to the thought of cleaning I became excited to accomplish the chore and i didn't procrastinate it to the last minute, I did it as soon as I could and I now feel accomplished in completing even the simplest task.

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