Trip Planning Struggles- Autoimmune Style

By Ashleigh Overlander | Health

Aug 07

​    Planning ahead is very important for those with autoimmune diseases; calling event coordinators, restaurant owners/chefs, and double checking the menus. Though sometimes these things don't always guarantee that everything is non contaminated and autoimmune safe.

I recently volunteered for M.U.U.U.C.E (the Most Unbelievable, Ultimate, Urban Camping Experience) which is a two and a half day bible trip for those in middle school. We called the people who were in charge of providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone and explained to them what celiac is and how my little sister and I couldn't have Dairy, Soy, Sugar, or Grains (which includes corn. though they didn't exactly understand how we couldn't have the certified gluten free udi's blueberry muffins, so we were a little apprehensive about the whole thing. 

Day  One: was August 3rd (aka my 18th birthday!!), they had a welcoming party outside the middle school we stayed at (Oltmans Middle School), they had 6 inflatables; A boot camp obstacle course, a  Hungry Hippo, two "American Ninja" like courses, a live foosball, etc. it was an absolute blast, the only downfall was that all they had to eat was mini donuts, popcorn, and snow cones. When the welcome party was done we went to The Big Thrill Factory, where we played laser tag, mini golf, as well as an arcade game.  When that was over we loaded all the kids on the buses and headed back to the school where we ended up getting locked out of the school and so we played a bunch of games on the bus until the people in charge could track down someone with keys to open the school

Day Two:​ In the morning they had a special table full of "gluten free" food such as Udi's blueberry muffins, Fruity Pebbles (though, this is absolutely NOT gluten free), though they did have a nice selection of fruit! We then returned to the buses and went to the 2nd session for the kids, and from there we went to valley fair where we spent the whole day thinking about nothing but the thrills and excitement from the ride. They had dinner ready for us at 6:30 in the "picnic" area, supposedly they had celiac food prepped for us, but in all the confusion it got lot and given to someone else, so they gave us a bowl of lettuce and fruit. Sadly not as filling as we had hoped, but it didn't subtract that much from the experience of the day.

Day Three: We packed up our things, stuffed them in our cars and went to breakfast where, again, they didn't have anything that we could actually eat, though i give them props for trying.​


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